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Making your next sales conversation feel like old friends – Research

January 16, 2023 / in How To, LinkedIn, Marketing / by

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Hi friends! I’ve been wanting to cover this topic for a while now. As I sat down to record, it kept running long, so I’ve decided to break this into two parts. My goal is to help you maximize the chances of earning your next client with a simple idea.

Make your next sales conversation feel like old friends catching up.

But what if you don’t know the person? It doesn’t matter. Even though you don’t know them, you can learn a lot about their company, their employees, the mutual connections you have on LinkedIn and more. So part one of this 2-part marketing topic is all about the RESEARCH.

So watch the video and then let me know if my 5 tips on effective research resonate with you in the comments. And are there any other best practices for research that you do before the first meeting with a prospective new client? Let me know!

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