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Focusing On Measurement Over Usage Can Ruin Social Media Efforts

May 17, 2023 / in Content Marketing, Marketing, Social Media / by

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Hello friends! This week, my topic is kind of a blend between a Brain Food and a Marketing message.

Over the years, I have had lots of conversations with companies about measurement of social media efforts. And there have been plenty of times that it seemed people were more worried about statistics instead of their team actually using the social tools. I think that is a miss…. IMHO, an engaged staff on social media is even more important than the measurement of activity over time.

Don’t get me wrong… measurement is important.

Paying attention to website traffic over time, which blog posts are getting the most traffic, etc. is important as you continue to tell your stories. It’s easy to generate a Google Analytics report that can give you these metrics. You can also tools like DataBox to create “pretty” reports and dashboards to track metrics that you care about.

But please don’t make the mistake of “checking the box” next to your social media efforts without really focusing on how your team is using these tools.

If Your People Aren’t Engaged…

If your team members aren’t engaged on the social media platforms that are important to your organization, it’s a problem. Why? Because the entire definition of SOCIAL media implies the relationships that people share personally and professionally. When your storytelling across social media channels is working, the real-world relationships are magnified. Referrals accelerate. And this really does affect the bottom line.

You can pay for an excellent content generation solution, but if your people aren’t engaged, you could be wasting your money. Or at least missing an important chunk of the benefit that social media can create for your business.

What’s the solution? Train your people in the use of these tools. Especially LinkedIn because of the business focus of that platform. Have staff meetings about social and storytelling. Create a system for notifying your team when new content is being pushed to social. Those are just a few ways to focus your team on engagement! Good luck out there.

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