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Using LinkedIn to find the best people to hire.

February 15, 2021 / in LinkedIn, Video / by

This week, I wanted to share another client success story. Please take 5 minutes to watch the YouTube video. And if you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my channel.

I did LinkedIn training with a civil engineering firm called Schlagel. That was back in 2019. And I’ve watched them using LinkedIn more since we did the training. My friend Dave Rinne is the President of Schlagel, and he sent me a message through LinkedIn recently.

“We hired the perfect employee by using LinkedIn.”

He told me that they were able to hire the perfect employee by connecting on LinkedIn and staying in touch over time. When things weren’t working out at the current job, they reached out to Dave to talk about the possibility of working together. Their newest employee started shortly after that first conversation.

No expensive recruiting fees. No monthly fees for job postings. A little bit of work on LinkedIn, and having the courage to ask the potential hire to reach out if there were ever any issues.

I’ve always said that if you are hiring, there is a pretty good chance you already know someone that would be a good fit. And the easiest way for this to happen is make sure you are taking time to grow your network on LinkedIn and reaching out to people for meaningful conversations!

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