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LinkedIn Creator Mode

July 12, 2022 / in Content Marketing, LinkedIn / by

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Hello friends! This week, I was inspired to touch on the high level features that LinkedIn Creator Mode gives you. My friend Byron Ginsburg was that inspiration… we were talking about the fact that when you have Creator Mode enabled, you can specify a website address right under your professional headline.

With Creator Mode, you get access to LinkedIn Lives (livestreaming), LinkedIn Newsletter (using LinkedIn to host your email newsletter) and more. The only negative I see is that the “Connect” button turns into “Follow” and people have to look a little more to find how to send a connection request.

This is another 5 minute video that would be worth your time to watch to see what is coming as far as content creation on LinkedIn. I know you will start seeing more people going live, doing newsletters and more as LinkedIn enhances what is possible through Creator Mode.

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