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I don’t have time for LinkedIn. Is it really that important?

September 28, 2023 / in Brain Food, LinkedIn / by

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Hello friends! I had a couple of conversations recently with two people I respect. They both had similar questions… should they be spending more time on LinkedIn? When I heard this question, I knew it was a consequence of having too many things on their plate. They were hoping I would give them permission to not feel bad about not using LinkedIn very often. Or maybe they were hoping I could give them a kick in the pants and reminders about why they should be spending more time on LinkedIn.

I realized that I should probably do a video about this… because if two people I care about and respect have that feeling, there are a LOT of other people thinking the same thing. So I hope you will give me five minutes of your day for a passionate rant about why YOU should be using LinkedIn more often… if you aren’t already in LinkedIn on a regular basis. Close your office door. Click play. Listen to the words coming out of my mouth. And if I am convincing… DO something with this knowledge. Put a reminder on your calendar every week to do “LinkedIn Stuff” if you have to… get into the habit.

Use it or Lose it

LinkedIn can be an incredibly important tool in your career spanning decades… if you will just use it.

If you have a LinkedIn success story, I hope you will share it in the comments… what is one of the most interesting things that has happened because you have a LinkedIn account? Did you land a new client through mutual relationships? Did someone see your status update and comment which started a new business relationship? Have you felt good after posting a status update and a bunch of people reacted/commented?

All of these stories happen due to a simple truth. LinkedIn is about relationships. And when you engage with your relationships… things happen.

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