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How to do status updates on the LinkedIn Mobile App

July 28, 2021 / in How To, LinkedIn / by

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How many of you have done a LinkedIn status update from the app on your phone? In my experience, there are quite a few people that have never done this. I think it’s an issue with how to do it more than an issue with wanting to. So I am going to fix that for you this week in my newest video. I will walk you through exactly how to do a status update with a picture from the LinkedIn mobile app. I will also show you how to link to a page on your website in a status update. (This is a good idea when you have a new blog post or new pages related to a product or service offering.)

And hey, some of you are going to think this is a bit remedial. I know my wife does. That’s because she posts pictures to Facebook on her phone often. And the process on LinkedIn is similar. But there are plenty of professionals, young and older, that have asked me how to do this, so it was worth making a video about it.

Why does this matter?

It matters because in the course of doing business every week, there will be opportunities to show your network of relationships that you are getting things done. That you’re at a popular meeting spot with a good friend. Helping a not for profit with a book drive. Whatever. Look at your calendar last week and think about the photo opportunities you might have missed… and fix that this week. People want to know how you’re doing more than twice a year!

Are you doing status updates with your phone and taking pictures while you are out and about doing business? If yes, please share some success stories. If no, please consider starting. It’s part of the important process of winning friends and influencing people. As always, thank you for reading and watching. I respond to every comment, so let me know if you found this one helpful. Thanks!

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