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What to do about Blu-ray?

March 23, 2009 / in Information Technology / by

If you haven’t been in a Costco, Sam’s or Best Buy recently, you might have missed the newest in home entertainment… high definition video in a format called Blu-ray. There was a big contest between the Blu-ray format and HD DVD format and Blu-ray won. Thank goodness! Now the manufacturers can standardize on the Blu-ray format. For more detailed information on what the Blu-ray format is all about, click here to go to the Wikipedia entry on Blu-ray. The bottom line is that Blu-ray is a noticeable improvement over standard DVDs. The images jump off the screen and immerse you in the presentation.

IMHO, the best way to view Blu-ray is to purchase a Sony Playstation 3. You get a fantastic Blu-ray player with the added benefit of a great console gaming machine. It also does an impressive job of displaying pictures and video from your Windows Media Player library over a home network. (With your choice of music playing along!)
Want to know how to get a PS3 for $299? Go to Sony Style, sign up for the Sony Visa card, purchase the PS3 through the Sony online store and get $100 credit in a few weeks. Close the Visa card account (or just pay it off) and go on your merry way.
Sony Playstation 3

What is the best way to view Blu-ray DVDs?

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