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Update on DropBox and WordPress

July 6, 2009 / in Information Technology / by


So I have implemented Dropbox for a few companies and everyone is loving it.  I wanted to make sure and throw out a couple of interesting things that I have learned after paying for additional storage, etc.

You can get up to 5 Gigs of storage for free with Dropbox.  The pay-to-really-play options are $10/month for 50 Gigs and $20/month for 100 Gigs.  Many people (including yours truly) make the mistake of thinking that paying for 50 Gigs of storage will allow you to share 50 Gigs of storage with anyone, including free account holders.  This is not true.  The concept here is that YOUR storage is YOUR storage.  You can have multiple computers set up to hit your Dropbox account and your decision to purchase additional storage HELPS YOU.  If you wanted to share 20 Gigs worth of your content with someone else on Dropbox, they would have to have 20 Gigs of space available to them in their Dropbox account.  Obviously, the free version won’t cut it.  They would need to upgrade their account to a paid account to be able to share that much data.

There is rumor that Dropbox is considering a workgroup edition to address the sharing limitations mentioned above.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

The page you are reading is powered by WordPress!  I spent a few hours learning all of the ins and outs of WordPress and liked it so much that I decided to use it for my own web site.  The template is a free template called iBlog 2.0 that I found on the web.  It is hard to list all the reasons here for why I am so impressed with WordPress, so I won’t attempt to.  I will say that it is one of the easiest to set up and maintain content management systems that I have used.  If you are interested in having the Blue Gurus set up a WordPress blog for you, please contact us

Before switching to WordPress, I had my blog at Blogger.com (free with a GMAIL account).  There is an import wizard in WordPress to pull all your content from another blogging system.  All I had to do after the quick import was to update the images in my posts to be local versions instead of pointers back to Blogger.  My favorite plugins so far are WordPress Database Backup, the Akismet filter to combat spam comments, Blog Stats from WordPress.com for site traffic, the My Page Order plugin for visually organizing the order in which your WordPress pages show up in the nav bar (Our Services, About Us, Contact Us, etc.), My Link Order for ordering the display of your external site links to name a few.  (I had coffee this morning, 7/7/09, with my friend named Bruce and he wanted links to the plugins, so there ya go Bruce!)  I would love to hear from anyone else that has enjoyed implementing WordPress!

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