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Outlook Users Rejoice – Xobni

August 31, 2009 / in Information Technology / by


Many of you use Microsoft Outlook to manage your email, contacts and calendar. If you haven’t heard about Xobni (inbox spelled in reverse) then you will appreciate this post. Xobni is a powerful Outlook plugin that lets you manage your email history much more effectively.  When you click on an email, Xobni grabs the email address that sent the message and pulls statistics from your Outlook database, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.  It then presents you a seamless list of this information (including a profile picture if found).

xobni-logo-smallThat is just the beginning.  Xobni indexes your entire email system and comes up with interesting facts that it puts at your fingertips.  You can see the recent emails that you have recently exchanged, files that you have shared with each other, how often you email that person and they email you, etc.  All of this in a vertical window that fits well in the Outlook environment.  More information at your fingertips and it is FREE!

If you haven’t installed Xobni yet, click here and download the free plugin!

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