– The Best Way to Keep Up With Apple

If you are a follower or fan of Apple products, you should be sure to check out  This site is dedicated to all things Apple.  In the past 2 years, we have read about late breaking stories like new iPhone features and early product pictures, iPad release information, the oh-so-funny story about how an Apple employee lost their development iPhone at a bar and more.

We really like hearing about things that are coming our way from Apple before they hit prime time because we are fans of the iPhone and iPad.  We can’t wait until June 2010 for the next version of the iPhone called the 4G or HD depending on who you ask, more on that here.  Our goal at Blue Gurus is to make things work better for our customers.  One of the reasons we enjoy recommending Apple products is because they just work well.  And you don’t have to have an engineering degree to use the products.


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