Cables, cables and more cables

I buy a lot of cables.  I buy a TON of cables.  HDMI cables for home theater, USB cables and USB cable extenders, speaker cable, firewire cables, and the list goes on and on.  Try walking into a Best Buy or similar brick and morter retailer and you will pay TWO to THREE TIMES more than you should be paying for these kinds of cables.  There are lots of great online sources for cables, but one of the very best is  These guys have been cranking out quality cables at reasonable prices for years.  I can personally vouch for their HDMI cable, in-wall speaker cable, Cat5e and Cat6 cable, USB and FireWire cables.

Real World Price Comparison:
$19.99 – Here is a link to a 6 foot HDMI Cable at (Not even gold plated)
$9 – Here is a link to a 6 foot gold plated HDMI cable at

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HDMI Cables
USB Cables
FireWire Cables
Speaker Wire (In-wall or regular)

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