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Avid Communications – $500/month gets me WHAT???

October 19, 2009 / in Information Technology / by

Avid Communications
Avid Communications

Anyone that has worked with me knows that I really enjoy helping people.  New and established businesses struggle with what solution provider to choose for Internet connectivity and a phone system.  I have been working with Dave Scott and Avid Communications for years.  They are a local KC company and stand behind their products and services.  Avid has a Small Business Bundle that costs $500/month.  When you see everything that comes with their bundle, you will be shocked at the features and price point.  This is a public service announcement to check out Avid Communications if you are considering switching your Internet Service Provider or adopting a voice-over-IP (VOIP) phone system.  If you need more explanation on either of these, give me a shout.

To test how good your current internet connection is, browse over to www.speakeasy.net and use their free speed test tools.  If you get anything less than 1.4 MBps upload or download speed, you are not getting a full T-1 of bandwidth.  Often, I see 460 KBps or 760 KBps.  A full T-1 is more than twice that amount of bandwidth.  How would it feel to get more bandwidth for less money each month?  I like that math. 

Here is another thing I really like about them.  They do not have Term Contracts.  Most providers out there lock you in to a 2 or 3 year commitment and make it ugly or impossible to leave when there are problems.  With Avid, you can cancel at any time if you aren’t happy with their service.  They believe in the same philosophy that I do, earning our client’s business each and every month.  Be sure and tell Dave I sent you so that he can owe me a big steak at Texas Roadhouse.  :)

Here is a subset of what you get for $500/month with Avid Communications: (Click here for more info)
– A full T-1 internet bandwidth (this is normally $400-$500/month by itself from other providers)
– 2,000 nationwide long distance minutes
– Virtual PBX software that eliminates the need for a phone system within your 4 walls
– Phone lines for 10 users
– Up to 50 Direct Inline Dial (DID) numbers, all with Caller ID
– Two toll-free numbers
– Up to 4 lines for FAX, security systems, credit card machines, etc.
– 10 user conference bridge (have 10 people on the same conference call at once)
– Managed firewall services
– Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Remote Network Access
– On call service agreement, no fees for maintenance, repair, reconfiguration or consultation

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