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AT&T iPhone and Sprint EVO, the saga continues.

June 21, 2010 / in Information Technology / by

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

You are probably seeing all kinds of press related to the Apple iPhone and the Sprint HTC EVO.  For a good comparison chart of technical specs, check out this article at Wired.com. I think they are both great phones and it is amazing to me how much we are able to do with them.  (Don’t forget that texting while driving is now banned in Kansas.)

HTC EVO (link to Sprint’s site)
I was recently in New York with Trista for our Honeymoon.  We were waiting in line to get into Carlo’s Bakery, home of the reality TV show Cake Boss.  The guy ahead of us had the HTC EVO and I was able to play around with it for a few minutes.  It is a GREAT phone and definitely worth looking at if you are not already drinking the iPhone cool aid like I am.  We are going to get Trista the EVO when it is not such a pain in the rear to actually find one in stock. 

Apple iPhone 4 (link to Apple’s site)
I went into the AT&T store today to figure out what the process is going to look like to upgrade to the newest iPhone.  They have closed all pre-orders due to overwhelming response and the breakdown of the pre-order system.  Thursday, June 24th at 7am is the first opportunity you will have to walk into an AT&T or Apple store to order your shiny new iPhone 4.  I am waiting until Saturday.  <grin>  Mic and I will both have iPhones and we will do a follow up hands on about the new phones from our perspective in July.

Quick Tip: I currently have our business lines under my personal social security number. The sales people at the AT&T store suggested that I combine our 3 business lines into a small business plan using the Blue Gurus EIN with AT&T so that we could receive an 8% discount on service.  After an hour on the phone with 3 different people, I find out that you have to have at least 5 (five) lines to get the 8% discount.  Come on people, train your sales staff!  Anyway, if you have 5 or more lines with AT&T, you should be on a small business plan!

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