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Want to Create Your Own Word Cloud Images for Free?

July 19, 2016 / in How To / by

Hello friends! It’s Jason with this week’s blog post.

Every so often, I try to make you aware of a tool that you can use in your business. I’ve mentioned RoboForm, Evercontact, and Pingdom to name a few. And this week, I wanted to share WordClouds.com with you.

Word CloudThe idea for this post came up while I was working with one of our clients this week. They were trying to create a word cloud for one of their blog posts and weren’t sure where to begin. They had a bunch of terms that they wanted to display based on the importance of each word or phrase.

Many people assume that word clouds are a collection of related terms or ideas. That might be the case, but the real driver behind most word clouds is how often each term or phrase occurs. And that’s why some words are bigger than others… because they appear more often in the content or they are statistically more relevant than other terms.


You can generate your own word cloud for free at WordClouds.com.

Word CloudThis business word cloud in the shape of a briefcase is another example. There are plenty of keywords behind it, and if you want to see it generated live, just click this link.

You can play with the settings like font,  size, color theme, shape and more. You can also see the list of terms behind this word cloud by clicking the Word List button.

Next time you want to display some data in an interesting way, you might consider generating a word cloud!

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