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Window + K/P… Quickly connect your laptop to external devices.

January 30, 2023 / in How To, Information Technology / by

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Hello friends! This week is a short one… less than 3 minutes. It’s another “not so well known” keyboard shortcut that can save you time. And if these two specific key combos don’t change your life, I’ve included my 15 most often used keyboard shortcuts in the video notes and below in this blog post.

Window+K and Window+P

Why am I sharing these shortcuts with you? I use these all the time when connecting to wall monitors and prospect and client offices, bluetooth ear buds, mice, keyboards and more. And it can be a little bit of a pain finding these settings if you don’t do it very often. So a keyboard shortcut is really helpful and easier to remember IMHO.

The keyboard combo Window+K is a quick way to get to the settings on your Windows PC or laptop for connecting to external devices. (If you aren’t clear about how to do keyboard combos like this, you hold the Window key down and then press the K key. And if you don’t know where the Window key is on your keyboard, it is the 2nd button left of your space bar!)

The combo Window+P will pull up a list of compatible projectors that you can connect to and share your screen with.

Even More Shortcuts

And if you really don’t care about either of these shortcuts, here is a quick list of the keyboard shortcuts I use almost daily. I am sure there is one in here that will save you a ton of time!

Window + K: CONNECT to an external display/audio device
Window + P: PROJECT to a compatible projector

Window + E: Windows Explorer
F2: Rename file names in Explorer
Window + V: Copy/Paste History
Window + Arrows: Snap Windows around monitor(s)
Window + L: Lock your computer

CTRL + F: Search for text
CTRL + Click / Shift + Click: Single item/Range of items selection
Shift + Arrow / Shift + CTRL + Arrow: Highlighting text

CTRL + F5: Refresh web page
CTRL + Shift + T: Restore closed browser tab

CTRL + Shift + V: Paste as Plain Text
CTRL + B: Change to Bold

ALT + Tab: Switch between applications

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