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Personalizing your LinkedIn Connection Requests on PC and Mobile

October 20, 2022 / in How To, LinkedIn / by

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Hello friends! This week, I wanted to walk you through exactly how to personalize the connection requests you send to someone when you want to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind, when sending a connection request to someone, you are asking for access to their network. You are also asking for them to vouch for you by formally connecting. So it is important to ALWAYS personalize the LinkedIn connection requests you are sending.


There are so many gotchas in how LinkedIn has designed this process. In other words, there are so many “Connect” buttons on PC and Mobile that will send the default connection request text.

On the PC, you need to get to their full profile view before clicking the connect button.

On Mobile, you have to go to their full profile, and then click the little three dots to the right of the Connect button to then choose “Personalize Invite”.

Watch the video and I will walk you through these gotchas on PC and Mobile and show you exactly how to personalize the LinkedIn connection requests you are sending!

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