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Do you trust your instincts?

July 9, 2019 / in How To, Personal / by

I was having lunch with Mic at Sushi UNI recently. If you don’t know about Sushi UNI, check out their 1,043 Google reviews with a 4.7 average star rating. :)

At lunch, Mic told me a story and gave me some kudos for consistently talking about the importance of trusting our instincts over the years.

Let me unpack what I mean by trusting your instincts.

I believe that your brain is working on many different things, at many different levels… all the time. And I think there’s a mechanism where a deeper part of your brain recognizes something is coming that you need to deal with. So an idea or thought bubbles up into your mind.

For example, I was getting ready to leave the house one morning. I started walking out our garage door and for some strange reason, I thought, “you need to take your checkbook with you.” And I never carry my checkbook with me.

I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing those inner thoughts or instincts. So I went back upstairs, grabbed my checkbook… with no idea why… and left the house.

Later that day, I needed my checkbook for a banking thing I had forgotten about. I needed a physical check, not an online transfer, Venmo or Paypal. It’s crazy when these things happen.

I really try to pay attention to those internal nudges, so these things happen regularly.

Mic’s Story

Mic shared a story about one of his LinkedIn connections. His connection did or said something on LinkedIn that we all would normally “like” or comment and move on. And Mic started to do just that.

But his instincts suggested he needed to go deeper and follow up with that person. He hadn’t talked to them in a while. And instead of taking the easy route and moving on, he actually reached out. Because something internally compelled him.

Long story short, he had a great conversation with his friend. Who then referred him to a great opportunity for MJMeetings that is now a signed contract. If he wouldn’t have been paying attention to those internal nudges, that deal would never have happened.

Your Story

So what is your story? Does what I’m telling you sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo? For me, it’s just being more in tune with the amazing thing we all have strapped to our shoulders. Our brains.

If you have stories like these, please share them with me. If not, I encourage you to start paying more attention to the chatter going on in your brain throughout your day. And next time you get a weird thought or impulse that you should do something… or say something… and you’re not sure why… Just do it and see what happens!

(As long as it’s legal.)

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