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What Makes A Great Summary On A LinkedIn Profile?

August 8, 2012 / in General Information, LinkedIn / by

Mic Johnson of Blue GurusHow many times have you looked at someone’s LinkedIn profile and seen a Summary section that is completely  blank? 

Ok, now time to be honest: Is the Summary section on YOUR LinkedIn profile completely blank?

I think this is one of the biggest missed opportunities on LinkedIn. You have a real opportunity to share your story with people, but you left it blank. Why?

I’ve heard all kinds of excuses from people over the years (including my wife Missy, who still hasn’t updated her Summary section yet. I’m hoping this post, and a little peer pressure, gives her the motivation she needs), including: 

1. I don’t know what to write. (Have you ever even tried?)

2. I don’t like writing about myself. (Why?)

3. I don’t have the time to write something. (So you are busy 24 x 7, 365 days a year?)

4. I’m not that interesting. No one wants to read about me anyway. (How do you know?)

Hogwash. Baloney. I’m not buying any of those excuses. Look, I’ll be honest. There isn’t one perfect way to write  a LinkedIn Summary. You don’t get graded on it. If you write a great Summary, LinkedIn employees don’t show up at your house with cookies and balloons.

But there are some things that show up consistently in great LinkedIn Summaries. You need to decide how you are going to write yours. You can write a few paragraphs. You can list a few bullet points. You can get creative and do something entirely different. In the end, it’s your LinkedIn Summary. It needs to feel right to you and also send a clear message to people (clients, prospects, recruiters, etc.) that view your profile.

To help get the creative side of your brain working, I’ve posted the Summary from my LinkedIn profile below. This is just one example. Take a good look at it. Then, at the bottom of this post, I ask a few questions. Once you’ve answered them, you will have the information you need to write a great LinkedIn Summary of your own.

Mic Johnson LinkedIn Summary

What does the Summary tell you about me? (aka Who Is Mic Johnson?)

What is your sense of my personal and professional brand?

What professional experiences have I had?

Do you feel like you are reading something about a real person instead of mindless, boring “resume-like” words on a page?

Does it capture my sense of humor?

Does it capture my passions? 

Is this someone you would want to learn more about? 

Is this someone you would want to work with?

If you’ve met me in person, does my LinkedIn Summary match up with who I am?

If you made it this far in my blog post, thank you for reading. I truly hope this inspires you to get to work on your LinkedIn Summary. Look at other LinkedIn profiles for more ideas.  

Also, if you have any other ideas or suggestions for the Summary, please share them in the Comments section below. Thanks again.  

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