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Upping Your Virtual Tradeshow Game with vMix

October 6, 2020 / in General Information, Video / by

Hello friends! Well, I FINALLY did another video. I appreciate all the people that have been asking me about when I would get another video done. In a blog post a few weeks ago, I promised to do 10 new videos by the end of the year… so only 9 more to go.

Hey, if you have an idea for a video I could make… any topic related to LinkedIn, professional blogging, website development, or something else I might be able to help with, please let me know!

This video is a demo of the vMix broadcast software I’m using. The output of this software goes into my Zoom calls and the results are interesting. I really believe that companies can present themselves in a much more professional and branded manner using this technology. There aren’t many people in Kansas City doing this yet. It could be the norm in a couple of years… so I hope you will watch it! I would love to receive your feedback.

Having trouble watching? Here is a link to the YouTube video.
And here is a link to the vMix Production and Streaming software.

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