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Gift Ideas: Ten Things from Jason’s Favorites

December 5, 2018 / in General Information / by

I was at a Hats Club board meeting recently when my friend Jason Moxness said, “next week, it would be really helpful if you blogged about some of your favorite things. I could use some gift list ideas.” So here you go Jason! Thanks for the blog post idea. And if anyone else reading this has something they would like me to blog about, please send me your suggestion. If I use it, I will give you credit in the story!

Speaking of the Hats Club, our next open event is January 9th from 4-6pm. (The December event is a members only event at Stock Hill.) Please save the January date… I would love to see you there!

The following list is made up of things I’ve bought, used and loved in the past six months. Everything is in the $30-$100 range with the exception of #7, the Shun Classic Nakiri Knife. (And it’s worth every penny if you like to cook.)

Gift Guide 2018Ten gift ideas for the guy that has everything…

  1. Slidebelts
  2. Drillbrush for a Manly Bathroom Tile Cleaning
  3. Duck Covers for Patio Furniture and Grills
  4. Lenox Gold Utility Knife Blades and this Greenlee Heavy Duty Utility Knife
  5. Anker Roav Dash Cam. People drive like idiots. Now you can prove it.
  6. Scosche MagicMount for your Desk and Car (Great tip Jim Stuelke… thank you!)
  7. Shun Classic Nakiri Knife for all those Blue Apron Meal Preps.
  8. Tile Pro (with user replaceable batteries now!)
  9. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp for camping.
  10. Stocking Stuffer? Jack Black Lip Balm

Jason gets his clients and understands how they think - and they love him!

I've had the privilege to work with Jason Terry of Blue Gurus on numerous projects, giving me the opportunity to watch him work masterfully with his clients. As an expert on blogging, LinkedIn training, business storytelling and website construction, he stands alone as the premiere resource.

Jason gets his clients and understands how they think - and they love him! He makes it easy to work with him, going over into the technical arena and bringing back information to his clients in a simple and direct way they can understand -- and somehow makes it fun while doing it. I recommend Jason (and often do!) to anyone who wants to increase or improve their online presence through market-proven content and strategy.

Jeff Potts

Jeff Potts

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