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Meet Selective Site Consultants…Our Latest LinkedIn And Website Success Story

September 30, 2014 / in General Information, LinkedIn, Portfolio / by

Post author: Mic Johnson

“Jason and Mic really rolled up their sleeves and dove into updating our website. They literally sat in our office until the job was done. Our website is now simple, clean and interactive. Nice work Blue Gurus!”

Terry Super, Principal

“At first I was skeptical…a new website built and launched in 2 days? After holding us accountable for content, that is exactly how much time it took to get up and going. Blue Gurus cut through all of the runaround, delays and change orders. They got it done.”

David Saab, Vice President

“I didn’t expect to have a new site in 2 days and I really didn’t expect to know how to change anything when it was completed. I’m so glad Jason and Mic changed my expectations. Now my job is simplified because I can update, create, and change content on our website to make sure we are current, and I can do it from the convenience of my own desk! If you want above and beyond, call Blue Gurus.”

Abi Schwaller, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

“LinkedIn was one of those tools we all looked at like it was an afterthought. Since the training from Blue Gurus, we have expanded our contacts, client base and geographical reach. It’s not Facebook…it’s not a toy. Blue Gurus changed our LinkedIn perspective and now it’s part of our marketing and communications best practices.”

David Saab, Vice President

ssc Comments like these are what Jason and I live for. It’s what’s kept us waking up enthusiastically for almost 6 years to do great work…for great people….throughout Kansas City. We love helping people and we love exceeding expectations.

I want to tell you a little bit more about how the work we did with Selective Site Consultants (SSC) came to be. As is often the case, it’s all about relationships.

SSC offers site acquisition, entitlements, engineering, project management, construction management, and architectural services. They’re also developing leading edge solutions in renewable energy and infrastructure security.

I met David Saab years ago through our mutual friend Chuck Schimmel. At some point along the way, David and I connected on LinkedIn. We hadn’t seen or talked to each other in years, but he saw the blog posts I routinely publish through LinkedIn and decided to reach out. He wanted to know more about what it was Blue Gurus did and how we might be able to help SSC.

So we met one day for lunch at Bo Lings (yum!) in Overland Park and I proceeded to explain that Blue Gurus builds WordPress websites and how we’re typically done in 2-3 full business days. I went on to explain that we also do LinkedIn training for sales teams. And finally I told him how we were helping several companies execute their weekly blog strategy.

David liked what he heard and told me that the next step would be for me to meet with their Executive Team to educate them on what we do and to answer their questions about process, pricing, and the like. I went to that meeting and we had a great conversation.

It was clear to me that the team was unhappy with their existing website and they wanted to learn more about how LinkedIn and consistent blogging could help their business. It was also clear to me that very quickly we established a mutual trust and respect for one other. A few days later, David asked me to send a proposal for all 3 services we discussed.

One thing led to another and a few weeks later Jason and I did LinkedIn training for 10 people on their team. We had a couple of great sessions and the team did a nice job of updating their LinkedIn profiles and committing to the process of using LinkedIn more effectively ongoing.

A few weeks after that, we were back in the SSC offices working on the new website. We scheduled 2 full day sessions, got their web hosting account set up at Flywheel (who we LOVE, btw!), and worked closely with David and Abi to get the content and layout just the way they wanted it. It was a total collaborative team effort…and it was awesome!

The project, as is usually the case, was efficient and ran smoothly. We routinely tell people that if you come ready with your content (text, images, PDF’s, etc.) we will get the website built and launched in a way that no one else in Kansas City does.

And that’s exactly what we did….and we’re thrilled to call SSC a client and have another success story to share!

Thanks David, Abi, Terry and everyone else at SSC!

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