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Marian Hope Center

February 12, 2013 / in General Information, Portfolio / by

“I was in absolute awe of all that the Blue Gurus did to help our organization in the creation of our website. Mic and Jason are brilliant at what they do, have a passion for helping others and can brighten any room with their outstanding, outgoing personalities. They asked great questions to truly understand the cause of our organization and in the end whole-heartily embraced our cause. They were able to put our mission into words that were easy to understand, yet fluently and professionally expressed. It would be impossible to get the services we received from them elsewhere at their affordable prices. What started out as a business partnership has definitely turned into a lasting friendship. They continue to think of us and send resources our way. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with these great men!”
– Angie Knight, Co-Founder of the Marian Hope Center

In February 2012, we donated some of our time to help Marian Hope Center with their website and social media efforts.  We loved these guys so much that we wrote a blog article about what they do to help children.  A few months went by and in November 2012 we got a call from Heather Ruoff, the Executive Director for Marian Hope Center.  She told us that their website was down, and not coming back.  It was an unfortunate set of circumstances that caused this to happen, and they turned to us to help them create a new website as quickly as we could.

We immediately scheduled two full days of on-site website development time with Heather and her staff so that we could get them back up and running as quickly as possible.  A normal website project takes most web development companies months to complete.  That is NOT normal for Blue Gurus.  We were able to create and launch a brand new website, with new web hosting, for the Marian Hope Center in less than a month.  Not only that, we referred them to our good friends over at Umzuzu to convert them to Google Apps for email, contacts and calendars, and this major switch to their infrastructure was completed in the same time frame.

Marian Hope Center was in a lot of pain, and we were able to guide them through the process, working side by side, to get them to “HAPPY” in less than a month.  They were a BLAST to work with.  They are passionate about what they do and came to the table prepared.  We gave them a lot of homework prior to our first session, including pulling a lot of content together in electronic formats so that we could put it into the new website quickly.  They did what we asked quickly and that made all the difference in getting the project done as fast as possible.

We continue the relationship with Marian Hope Center because we believe in their mission.  This is one of those great stories where we donated our time, and six months later it came back to us in the form of a web project that we all enjoyed.  Thanks to Heather, Angie, Theresa and the rest of the staff at the Marian Hope Center for their trust!

Click here to visit marianhopecenter.org

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