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February 12, 2013 / in General Information, Portfolio / by

“Working with Blue Gurus exceeded my expectations! Jason was both knowledgeable and personable, and we looked forward to working with him each week. Not only did he help us design an awesome website, but he also taught us how to use WordPress. I definitely recommend Blue Gurus!”
Linden Schult, President, Get Smarter Prep

“Working with Blue Gurus was a wonderful experience.  They equipped us with the skills necessary to upgrade our website quicker than we could have ever imagined.  The Gurus were even able to help us with the critical integration of our CRM and online orders/inquiries.  In addition to their incredible skills and knowledge, they were honestly a pleasure to work with.  Whatever day Jason was in the office quickly became our favorite day of the week!”
Caleb Pierce, VP of Enrollment

Get Smarter Prep helps high school students get better scores on their ACT or SAT tests.  Good scores on these tests can result in a better chance of getting into colleges and receiving scholarships.

The opportunity to work with Get Smarter Prep on their new website was a result of being good friends with Mike Walrod.  Mike recently bought Get Smarter Prep and wanted to update the look and feel as well as regain control of the content.  They had been working with a web development company out of California, and any time they needed to make a change, they had to send an email request.  It often took days to get a response, and that was just not acceptable.  Enter Blue Gurus.

We scheduled four development days with Linden and Caleb at Get Smarter Prep and were able to create and launch a brand new WordPress website in just a few weeks.  We also set them up with a new web hosting company to minimize their website down time.  We taught Linden and Caleb how to use WordPress to add and change text, pictures and links in their website and they did a great job of loading their content.

This is one of those great benefits of Blue Gurus working on-site.  We were available for them to ask questions as they learned.  At the same time, we were getting the new site done more quickly than traditional web development companies by working in parallel and making design decisions on the spot.

In just about every website project, we get a request for something new or different.  For Get Smarter Prep, the question was whether or not the website could integrate somehow with their Customer Relationship Management software.  Get Smarter Prep decided to use ZohoCRM based on our recommendation, and it integrates nicely with WordPress websites.

Any time a visitor on their site submits a form, a new “Lead” is created in their CRM, and someone is automatically assigned to follow up with that lead.  It is a great way to provide excellent customer service as well as improving the chance of turning a prospect into a customer.

We enjoy working with Get Smarter Prep and continue to do so as they start blogging and consider other ongoing social efforts.

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