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Blue Gurus Celebrates 14 Years!

April 26, 2023 / in General Information / by

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Hello friends! I wanted to share with you that on April 26th, Blue Gurus turned 14 years old! That is crazy to me… but definitely something worth celebrating. Thank you for being part of my journey. If you are reading this blog, or watching the video, you are obviously part of my story and I really appreciate you!

I also mention that next week’s Tech Tip will be about Google Authenticator. And then I talked a bit about why it has been almost a month since I’ve created a video! Some of it was work. Some of it was vacation. And I gave myself permission to take some time off from video creation. But I am back!

And if you watch through the end of the video, I share pictures and videos from my Scenic Eclipse discovery cruise in Baja Sea of Cortez. Trista and I spent 8 days riding Zodiac rubber boats around the area to see sea lions, bird preserves, snorkel and more… including a submarine dive excursion. Would you believe the Scenic Eclipse boat has 2 helicopters and a submarine on board? It was an amazing trip!

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