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Sticker Mule – Custom Poly Bags and Packing Tape!

July 10, 2018 / in Business Recommendations / by

By Jason Terry, talking about creating custom stickers and packing tape with a company called Sticker Mule.

Back in April, I wrote a blog post called Branding is important. Have you ordered your tchotchkes lately? I’ve always been an advocate of putting your logo on stuff for brand awareness, but for some reason it’s been on my mind even more this year.

Sticker Mule

My friend Jeff Potts recently told me about a company called Sticker Mule. They can turn your logo or design into stickers, magnets, labels or packaging in just a few days. They also offer free online proofs and free shipping. I was surprised how easy it was to upload the Blue Gurus logo and get a batch of nice stickers back in a few days. It was fun to put a bunch of them on boxes of donuts that we were taking to a new blogging client.

Sticker Mule was having a sale on their custom poly bag mailers, so I asked Jeff to create a custom design for Blue Gurus and ordered a few. They turned out great!

Sticker Mule: Blue Gurus Poly Bags

And then I noticed on the Sticker Mule website that they can also create custom packing tape. I’m done sending client packages in re-used Amazon boxes with the Amazon packing tape all over them. From now on, it will be Blue Gurus packing tape! It’s a simple thing, but it will make an impact.

There’s a reason Amazon has invested millions of dollars in custom packing tape… for branding. If you think about other retailers, their packages usually come in a brown box with no special branding. I am positive that most of our clients will notice the custom packing tape when they get packages from us.

Sticker Mule: Blue Gurus Packing Tape

So if you’re in the market for custom, die-cut stickers or poly bags and packing tape, take a look at Sticker Mule. A great place to start would be to join their mailing list, because they send out promotional offers once or twice a month. It would be a great way to get a deal and try them out. I’ve been really happy with the three orders I’ve placed in the past couple of months.

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