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Getting your logo on stuff!

July 13, 2009 / in Business Recommendations / by

Box of Pens
Box of Logo Pens

One of the things that I have had to figure out is how to get my logo on marketing materials.  I believe that shirts and pens are two of the most effective ways to advertise.  You will always see me in a blue shirt with the Blue Gurus logo on it.   I do have “off duty blue” for evenings and weekends where the shirt is blue but no logo.  :)

I really like the wrinkle free shirts at Eddie Bauer.  I ordered 10 shirts of various styles and various colors of blue (obviously).  Once I had the shirts, I had to figure out a place that could embroider my logo.  I chose Hometown Threads to do the work and the results were great!  Hometown Threads is located inside the WalMart at 157th and Metcalf.  I took 10 shirts in on a Tuesday, and they were done by Friday.

There were a TON of options and companies that could sell me pens with my Blue Gurus logo on them.  I ended up going with Pens R Us.  I know, I know, that name sounds silly, but the entire process was smooth and the results were exactly what I wanted.  I specifically chose the Bic Round Stic with blue barrels and white caps.


Embroidered Blue Shirt
Embroidered Blue Shirt

Other ideas?
I have my logo on my iPhone case, my projector, my laptop and my truck.  Consistently displaying the logo keeps you top of mind with the people that you are in contact with on a daily basis.  Give them a consistent experience and it strengthens the perception that your product or service will be consistent as well.  Simple idea really, but powerful when done right.

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