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Fry-Wagner : Moving your business or home? Bring in the experts.

March 8, 2010 / in Business Recommendations / by

Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage
Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage

Moving is a stressful undertaking.  Whether it is your business or your home, there are many forces working against you, including time, weather and people averse to change.  One of my best practices when faced with these types of situations is to bring in the experts and let them handle it.  I have been referring business to Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage for years and they always do a fantastic job.  The relationship has gone even deeper over the past 2 years because Earl Kawaoka and I are in a Vistage group together that meets each month, and I recently trained their Kansas City and St. Louis sales teams how to use LinkedIn more effectively.  Through all this, I have gotten a deeper understanding of how Fry-Wagner is operated and who the people are that make the company successful.  These guys are the real deal.  Whether it is a residential move across the country, or moving your small business from one location to another in Kansas City, you should call them.  I am going to have them move my parents from Wichita to Kansas City later this year when my father retires from Boeing.  That is how much I trust them.

Fry-Wagner has the process of moving your business down to a science.  I have seen it many times with companies like Bishop-McCann, American Association of Veterinary State Boards, and more.  You tag and box each office with special stickers and there is a roadmap that shows which office in the old building is moving to an office or location in the new building.  The loading and unloading of the trucks are done in a specific order to make things run more smoothly.  Each office, made up by a collection of packed boxes, stays “together” during the move.  These moves usually happen in one business day because of their excellent planning, process and skilled movers.

I have toured the Fry-Wagner facility off of I-35 more than once, and one thing people don’t realize is the vast warehouse space they have available for storage of items.  For example, if your house is crammed with stuff, and you need to get half of it out so that you can stage it and show it, Fry-Wagner can pick up the first half of your stuff and store it in their warehouse until you sell your current house and buy your new house.  That way, it is not sitting in a container in your driveway (even though they offer that service also).  The storage is by weight and is reasonably priced.  The other thing that Fry-Wagner uses their storage space for is Records and Asset management.

This blog post has been another business recommendation of mine based on the fact that many of you reading this wanted to know the companies here in Kansas City that I trust and respect.  Fry-Wagner is one of those companies.  If you are moving, give them a call at 800-394-0049 for a free estimate.  And no, I don’t get a dime for these recommendations. 


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