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No Response is a Response… When it Comes to Social Media.

March 14, 2023 / in Brain Food, Social Media / by

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Hello friends! This week, my Brain Food video is based on something I heard recently… “No Response is a Response.” This was in relation to conversations on social media. And I wanted to take the idea a bit further.

I see people I trust and respect getting into heated arguments on Facebook. The topics are usually messy/challenging/controversial. A lot of the time, I can understand both positions in the conversation… it’s the anger and name calling that really derails things.

Example: “Are you crazy? How can you possibly think that?!?!?”

Yes, I help companies with Social Media for a living. (Specifically LinkedIn and storytelling on their company blog.) But I rarely use Facebook or Twitter, even though those social channels can be effective and compelling with the right messages for the right industry. Part of the reason I don’t use Facebook too often is because it can be a real time suck and I don’t like seeing the kinds of arguments I mention above.

So a couple of things I talk about in this week’s video:

  • If you see something on social that makes you angry, hit the brakes before responding.
  • If the conversation is about religion or politics, I recommend having that conversation on the phone or in person… not on social media.
  • It’s powerful to have conversations with people that may not agree with you, but you both respect and care about each other and can dig in together.

I hope this one got your brain turning. Let me know what you think in a reply, in the comments, whatever. I really appreciate you taking the time to read or watch and for being on this journey with me!

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