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Here’s how to start your own Peer Advisory Group

June 3, 2021 / in Brain Food, How To / by

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I’ve been doing a lot of LinkedIn training for executives and sales teams this year. A common theme that is coming up, especially as we go back to meeting in person, is the idea of a Peer Advisory Group. People are hungry for human interaction, but they’re taking a hard look at the activities they were filling their time with before the pandemic.

Many people got a taste of balance in their life… able to stay home with family and pets while still being productive with their work. So as we go back to the grind that involves travel time to meetings and tons of events to pick and choose from, the question people are asking themselves is, “Will this be a valuable use of my time?”

And that’s where a Peer Advisory Group is usually a resounding, “YES!”

But not everyone has access to a peer advisory group. I’ve been active in three peer advisory groups for the past 15 years (plus). They have been integral to my success in business and life.

I’ve made videos previously about The Power of Peer Advisory Groups and Signing In and Processing Issues. But I realized that I never talked about starting a Peer Advisory Group. So my video this week is about starting your own peer advisory group. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions on how to start your own group, and I will get back to you!

A Peer Advisory Group might be just the thing you need to take your professional career to the next level. It’s not a quick solution, but a long term solution. I encourage you to watch my 5 minute video and ask yourself if having access to a brain trust of peers is missing in your world. Thanks for watching!

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