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Earn your customers’ business every month.

August 24, 2022 / in Brain Food / by

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Hello friends! This week’s video starts with a personal update and then I have a Brain Food topic about earning the business of your customers every month.

This topic is an important one for me… whether it’s a gym contract in my personal life, or a services contract in the business world, I’ve never liked long term contracts. In certain situations, they make a lot of sense. For example, if there are lots of up front costs that are going to be spread out over the length of the contract… okay. But for many things, I like the relationship to be month to month.

So if we agree that month-to-month is a good thing, what are you doing to make sure you keep your customers happy? Doing good work and providing excellent products and services is the baseline and assumed. So what do you do to surprise your customer? Random acts of kindness? Thoughtful gifts? Proactive solving of problems outside the scope of your contract?

After you watch the video, please let me know what is working well in your business to show your customers that they matter… and that you care about them. Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment!

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