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Doing anything weekly can be a grind. Here’s how to push through.

October 26, 2021 / in Brain Food / by

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Hello, friends! This week’s Brain Food is about the concept of pushing through the rut you might find yourself in when you’ve been doing something consistently for a long time. That place where the effort becomes a labor. Whatever it is… Whether it’s golf practice or going to coffee for networking opportunities or going to the gym to exercise. It’s tough for all of us to consistently do that day in, day out, week after week. We all find ourselves in that place at times during different seasons.

Sometimes it’s hard to push through. I talk about that in my video this week. I hope you will take 5 minutes to watch!

If you prefer to read, here you go…

Over the years I’ve had clients that are doing their storytelling (blogging) on a weekly basis that find themselves in this position. Often it’s the first six to twelve months when they hit their first grind. We have a conversation. And what makes sense is to ask why they’re doing what they’re doing. The only reason anybody is going to spend a consistent amount of time and energy on anything is to achieve a goal they care about. Whatever it is that you’re trying to get to, whether it’s losing weight or earning new business or staying top of mind with people with the stories that you’re telling, there has to be a reason that you’re spending the time on these efforts.

As far as my blogging clients, I ask the question, “What other marketing would you be doing that could have this kind of an impact?” The answer? There isn’t anything as cost effective as telling stories every week to stay top of mind with a large audience of peers, clients and prospects.

If you think about it, marketing isn’t a one and done kind of thing. It’s not like you send out a mailer or put an ad in the Business Journal and get new business for the rest of your life. It’s just like going to the gym. You can’t go to the gym one time and expect to lose 45 pounds. You have to commit to an ongoing process. Marketing is an ongoing process just like anything else.

Why are we doing this?

When you or your team find yourself in a grind, ask yourself the question, why are you/we doing this? Do we want to increase sales? Do we want to have opportunities and prospects in the pipeline? Do we want to show people in the community that we’re trying to do good work, we’re trying to do good things and we’re trying to hire good people?

Once you clearly understand the WHY, you can decide if the effort is worth getting there.

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