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Describe the outcome. Don’t prescribe the journey.

March 31, 2022 / in Brain Food / by

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This week, it’s a TWO PART video!

Part 1, Brain Food

Hello friends! In this week’s video, I share a core truth I heard from my friend Michelle Keller. We were having coffee recently and talking about how important it is to focus on the outcome more than how people get there. She said it so eloquently… “Describe the outcome. Don’t prescribe the journey.”

I share a personal example of how this matters and I describe a business example as well. Hopefully this is good food for thought. I also give a nod towards the fact that efficiency during the process DOES matter, so there is a balance.

(The Brain Food portion of the video is 5 minutes long.)

Part 2, Kentucky Bourbon Trail Trip Recap

If you want to know a bit more about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail trip I just got back from, I spend the next five minutes talking about that. I also share a few pictures and even a video of my brother dipping his bottle in wax to seal it. My dad, brother and I had a great time together on our 2nd Kentucky trip.

As always, thanks for watching and letting me know if this content is helpful or thought provoking. And if you have an idea or topic I could cover in a future video, please let me know. Appreciate you!

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