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Be sure to tell clients when you go above and beyond.

September 29, 2021 / in Brain Food / by

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Hello friends! In my Brain Food video this week, I talk about the power of surprising your clients and putting a smile on their face at random times throughout the year. But most importantly, if you do go above and beyond, be sure to tell them! I’ve seen so many situations where people do something great for their client and don’t tell them, or simply forget to tell them because they get busy and distracted with the next to do on their list.

These Brain Food videos are challenging to summarize in text… so I hope you’ll just watch the video. :) But here is an attempt at capturing the meat of what I talk about in this video:

My goal is to help you gut check your efforts for your clients. Are you randomly giving them extra stuff or maybe a discount on their bill to surprise them? I recently ordered 1,000 customized Blue Gurus golf tees. The company I paid to do this shipped me 1,050 tees. Did I notice? Yes. (Because I needed to put 25 tees in bags for an upcoming charity event.) Their gift of 50 extra tees put a smile on my face. And it cost them very little. There’s no question I will use them again and refer them to other companies as a result. So let me deliver on that promise right now… here is a link to their website if you need custom tees for your company or organization.

Relationship comes first. If you get that right, the checks will follow.

I know the traditional view is to never give something away. And in reality, it’s not so much that you are giving something away… it’s that you are investing in the relationship. The surprises need to be random. Don’t do something with their invoice every month or they will grow to expect it. Mix things up. And be sure to tell them about the extra things you are doing for them. It will help you earn a lifetime customer!

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