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If You Want To Be Relevant, You’ve Got To Tell Relevant Stories.

May 18, 2015 / in Blogging / by

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Hello friends! It’s Jason with this week’s blog post.

We’ve had a bunch of great conversations with companies over the past couple of months about blogging. Some were clients talking about the positive impact of effective storytelling. Others were prospects that needed a little coaching on how blogging can help them grow.

I came up with a phrase that seems to resonate with people, and it’s the title of this post.

To be relevant, you’ve got to tell relevant stories.

A primary goal of marketing is to stay on people’s minds so that when there’s an opportunity to buy a product or service, they think of you instead of your competitors. This used to be done with the focus on the company.  And it was done primarily through traditional media like magazines, newspapers, post cards, radio, TV, billboards, etc.

Since you are reading this blog post, you understand that things have changed dramatically. And in my opinion, for the better.

Today, people buy from people that represent a company, and they buy from the people they like.

Jason - Diving in Cozumel, March 2015Case in point. You are reading this article. Why? Because you care about me. Or you care about Mic. I don’t think there’s any way you’d be reading this otherwise. (Unless you got it forwarded to you from someone that does care about us personally.)

The featured image for this post is me scuba diving in Cozumel earlier this year. That picture has nothing to do with blogging, website development or LinkedIn training.  The things that we do for a living. But building on the idea that you care about me and by extension what I’m taking the time to say, the picture of my big head underwater might have made you click into this post to learn more. I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of grief about my gray hair and why I’m not wearing a wetsuit like everyone else.

So don’t get stuck trying to figure out what stories people are going to want to read. Tell the stories that you (and your company) want to tell. And tell your stories on a regular basis… we recommend weekly. Unless you’re closing your doors and going out of business, you’ve got to have something worth talking about.

To stay relevant, you’ve got to tell relevant stories. And that’s how relationships are strengthened and business is won.

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