“Jason Terry has been building and maintaining the website for Midwest Aquatics for 15+ years. The current website was completed about a year ago using an entirely new look and format. Jason offers his customers extensive knowledge of web development and maintenance using the latest technologies available. Jason has a really good feel for what your business needs, and can give the website newbie a lot of really good direction.”
I mentioned maintenance because that is often an overlooked component when building a site. As business owners, we look closely at upfront costs, but not always the cost beyond inception. Having owned a website for some time, I understand that the site will always be evolving and there is cost associated with this. Jason understands this and applies his knowledge and skill to help you develop a website that is not only functional, but affordable to maintain.
I love hearing from our customers how great our website looks and how easy it is to use.  Jason gets the credit, he really knows what he is doing, doing so with honesty, experience and integrity!
Darin DuffinOwnerMidwest Aquatics

Jason has been scuba diving since 1999 with a local dive store called Midwest Aquatics. Over the years, he’s trained to the level of Assistant Instructor (DiveCon) affiliated with the store. As a result our relationship, we were chosen to help Darin and Cari Duffin build a new mobile friendly website.

At the time we did the site, trends for websites were leaning towards a longer home page that told a story instead of tons of secondary pages that you had to click to. We built the site with that methodology in mind. The site took three development days over the course of 6 weeks.

At the same time we were doing a new website together, we talked about updating the Midwest Aquatics logo. The current logo had been in place for 15+ years and was starting to look a bit dated. We suggested that Midwest Aquatics should do a LogoMyWay.com design contest for their new logo. They did, and loved the result!

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