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Hyper Alerts: Never Miss A Comment Or Post On Your Company Facebook Page Again!

February 6, 2011 / in Social Media / by

Many of the companies that Jason and I work with have a Facebook page to share the stories that happen every day in their business with their customer base. One of the most frustrating aspects of running a company Facebook page is that there was no easy way to know when someone was commenting on your page. Business owners (or someone they delegated) had no other choice but to check the page a few times a day to see if anyone had posted or commented and then respond usually well after the fact.

It was a passive and inefficient way to manage a Facebook page, and frankly we think many companies would drop the ball on engaging their Facebook audience because there was no easy, proactive way to do it.

Enter Hyper Alerts.

Hyper Alerts is FREE, EASY, and provides an instant solution to this widespread problem. In fact, it was so popular after its initial launch that they had to immediately upgrade to a new server to handle all of the capacity!

So what is Hyper Alerts?

In short, it allows you to get email alerts anytime anyone posts or comments on your company’s Facebook page. You can set the alerts to come as soon as possible, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Once the email arrives, you can click right on the comments and it will automatically open your company Facebook page in your default web browser where you can respond right then and there!

This came in extremely handy for me recently when I launched the JayhawkNation4ThomasRobinson fan page, which grew from 715 people in Day 1 to over 8,000 “LIKE’s” within a week!! I routinely received email alerts and responded back to some of the “fans” that left comments or asked questions. It was a lifesaver for me and I know it will be for you too!

So how do you set up Hyper Alerts? It’s SUPER easy.

1. Click this link to go to the Hyper Alerts home page. Once there, click “Create New Account”. Enter your email address, password, then re-type your password and click “Register”.

2. Enter the URL of the Facebook page(s) you want to monitor or connect to your Facebook account and it will pull up a list of Facebook pages where you are an Administrator and you can easily set them up one by one.

3. Choose the frequency with which you would like the alerts to be emailed to you. The options are As Soon As Possible, Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Our recommendation is to choose “As Soon As Possible” or “Hourly” so that you proactively show your customers that you are listening and engaged.

4. You will then start receiving emails anytime someone posts or comments on your Facebook page. They will look like the one below. You can click on the post right in your email and it will open your Facebook page and let you comment right then and there!

That’s it! Free, super easy, and will completely change the way you engage with visitors to your Facebook page.

Set up Hyper Alerts today!

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