“Mic and Jason are the guys you want in your corner when you’re looking for a website and blogging. I’ve been through website reconfigurations before – they’re long drawn out projects that generally take several months for completion. 

Mic said the new web site would take two days, a couple of weeks apart, to complete and launch. As you might imagine, I was skeptical, but I trusted Mic and Jason to deliver.

In the end, I was thrilled that Blue Gurus delivered on time and on budget with a complete website that included many technical upgrades they suggested to make it even better for our patients.

I hope I never have to do another website project with anyone BUT Blue Gurus!”

Paula DunnExecutive Administrative AssistantKansas City Internal Medicine

This is the second website that we’ve done with Kansas City Internal Medicine (KCIM), who is also one of our longstanding blog retainer clients.

The need for a new site was identified by Jean Hansen when she became the CEO of KCIM. She wanted to give the site a fresh look, make it easier for patients to navigate, and wanted it to be faster.

In addition, it was critical that the new site be responsive (automatically adjust to any screen size…iPhone, iPad, etc.) They also wanted to streamline the content, so that was an extensive part of the project as well.

We did the work on-site at KCIM’s Administrative Offices and worked closely with Paula Dunn.

In just two days, KCIM’s new web site was successfully launched!

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