“From creating a workable website complimenting our company image to integrating our current marketing/advertising strategy with a  social media marketing plan, Jason did it all.  The passion and enthusiasm Jason injects into the project is contagious!  The results are real! I recommend Jason and the Blue Gurus to anyone who is serious about developing and maintaining quality professional relationships!”

Gene CullinaneOwnerHouse of Diamonds

Jason met Gene Cullinane , Owner of House of Diamonds, when he was buying an engagement ring for his wife Trista.  Gene asked what he did for a living and was thrilled to hear that Blue Gurus creates WordPress web sites and offers LinkedIn training.  Gene was excited to hear this because he had gotten complaints for months about his web site and had no easy way to update the look and feel or even the content.  Gene also knew that he needed to get his strategy together on how House of Diamonds was going to start connecting with customers through social media on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We worked with Gene to set up new web hosting, a new WordPress powered web site, trained their staff how to update content on the site, helped them clean up their LinkedIn profiles, and helped update their Facebook company page.  We also worked with Gene, his wife Karen and their staff to set up a weekly content strategy making sure their stories were being shared consistently.  Their postings about custom jewelry (all with great pictures!) are some of their most popular posts.

Gene and I have become good friends and get together socially.  This is something we hope for… meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients.  We never want to be perceived as just a vendor!

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