“Jason and Mic were a pleasure to work with.  They came in and in two sessions we completely revamped our website.  As a client, the toughest part of the process was writing our content.  They made the rest easy!  I would highly recommend Blue Gurus!”

Stacy JonesFounder and Executive DirectorHelpers Inc.

We’ve worked with Stacy Jones and Anne Cousin at Helpers Inc. for many years. They are such good people, and their mission is to help children with special needs. Their story began in early 2006 when Stacy, a mother of a child with a developmental disability, became increasingly aware of families like hers struggling to find in-home care providers (Helpers) to work with their children. Today, the company is helping hundreds of families like Stacy’s with their Medicaid billing and recruiting needs.

The relationship started more than ten years ago because Jason Terry and Mike Jones met each other during a networking event. Over time, Mike became the attorney for Blue Gurus and the friendship grew. Mike and Jason continue to meet on a monthly basis in a peer advisory group. Mike introduced Jason to Stacy to help with all kinds of things, including IT support, website design and more.

We created the new Helpers Inc. website over two web development days at their offices at 151st and Pflumm. We loved the colorful picture of their team and wanted to use that as a focal point for the home page… because it’s all about the people making things happen. We also did a lot of training so that the staff at Helpers Inc. could keep their content up to date themselves!

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