“Working on our new website with Jason and Mic was a great experience.  They listened carefully to what we thought was important to the success of launching our new site, thought outside of the box to create solutions to give us the results we desired and empowered me with the knowledge and experience to tackle a variety of issues to maintain our online image.  I am looking forward to working with the Blue Gurus again!”

Andrew Hinrichs, CPAPrincipal BWTP

Jason met Andrew when he was the speaker at an event covering the importance of social in growing your business. Andrew manages the branch for BWTP here in Kansas City. Jason and Andrew LinkedIn together and stayed in touch over a period of many months.  When Andrew heard that Bob, a partner with BWTP was driving a new website project, he called Jason to see how Blue Gurus could help.

This is another great example of why LinkedIn matters so much.  There is a good chance that Andrew and Jason wouldn’t have been able to effectively stay in touch across so many months.  Andrew mentioned that he saw Jason’s regular status updates on LinkedIn that helped keep Jason and Blue Gurus top of mind when this opportunity surfaced.

We did the project in Kansas City with Andrew and Bob provided input from their corporate headquarters in St. Louis.  This project went incredibly well because Andrew came to the table prepared.  He had done his homework and collected the content and images that we had requested for the web pages.  We had the basic site up and running with a lot of the content loaded by the end of our second 4-hour session together!

The remaining sessions were used to enhance the content, find new pictures, incorporate new marketing pictures with the white stick man and more.  We were able to integrate their web based financial tools and client portal within the original budget, even though these were not in the scope.  Mic and I enjoyed doing this project with Andrew and Bob, and look forward to working together in the future as we continue to help BWTP be a social company!

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