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EventBrite – The business version of evite

One of the questions that I get asked often is how to invite clients and prospects to an event.  Most people are familiar with is more of a personal invitation system for things like parties, showers, etc.  I point people to for handling the invitation and guest list functions for a business event.  The service is free if you are not charging per ticket for entry to the event.  If you ARE charging per ticket, charges a reasonable 99 cents per ticket plus 2.5% of the ticket value (credit card processing fees) Read more

Should you Link In or Friend Up with your Employees?

Should you Link In or Friend Up with your employees?
I think that it is fine to Link In with employees, but think twice about Facebook or MySpace.  You may learn something about your employee that you really didn’t want to know or shouldn’t know.  Also, social media is an ever growing archive of thoughts and interactions.  Let’s say you have a great employee that you are LinkedIn with.  You “recommend” them and say they do great work.  A year later, for whatever reason, you have to let that employee go for cause.  If they bring a suit against you, challenging the cause, they may use the LinkedIn recommendation as part of the argument that they were wrongfully terminated.  Be careful how you connect socially with your employees and what you do or don’t say.  Ask yourself the question, “should I say this knowing that the entire world has access to it for all time?” Read more

Become a Social Media Rockstar in 30 minutes per week

Daily activity (total of 10-30 minutes per week) 

–       CONNECT : Create a weekly recurring 15 minute block on your calendar that you can commit to for LinkedIn activities.  No excuses.  In that 15 minutes, do the following:

  • Pay attention to “People you may know” in the upper right hand corner of your LinkedIn Home page.  If you “trust, like and respect” them, invite them to join your LinkedIn network.
  • When someone accepts your LinkedIn invitation, or you accept an invitation from someone, you will be able to see who their contacts are. 
    • Go and see who they have in their network. 
    • Invite the people that you know in their network to Link In with you.
    • Pay attention to who you know in common.  It will strengthen the relationships you have with your connections.
  • Look through the Network Updates section of your Home page.  Pay attention to how people are connecting to each other and what their status updates say.  You will find actionable information if you just watch for it.

–       ANNOUNCE : Make your home page in your web browser.  When you get in to the office each morning, open your web browser and take 2 minutes to update what you worked on yesterday or plan on working on today.  Make it relevant content that might spark the interest of your peers/clients/vendors.  Do not talk about where you had lunch.  Nobody cares.  Do not actively “sell” to your social network.  Content should be freely given, interesting and relevant so that someone will be compelled to reach out to you to comment on what you were doing or planning to do.  You only have 140 characters, so be brief and to the point.

 Weekly (optional)

 –       EDUCATE : Create a weekly recurring 30 minute block for updating your Blog with a new article or post.  This helps establish your company as a subject matter expert in your field.  It also has the added benefit of keeping you “top of mind” when your readers see new content.  This could be 5 top tips related to a certain subject, a reference to a web site with additional information on something you have had great success with, etc.  The goal here is to give away free, useful information so that people will pay attention.  Often, this can be delegated to someone on your team.  It will take 30-60 minutes to put together a relevant update and publish it.  We highly recommend WordPress for blogging.

10 top tips for this week

Here are 10 top tips for this week:

1 ) Check out Shawn’s post about Wordles.  Interesting!

2 ) Be sure to claim your profile on Google. You will need a Gmail account.

3 ) Be sure to back up your RoboForm2Go files on your U3 USB Key with their free online sync service, RoboForm Online.  If you don’t have an account yet, get one free here.  I ejected my USB key and for the first time in years, it actually corrupted some of the data on it since I didn’t safely eject it.  The Roboform Online backup saved all my data and I was able to successfully restore everything. Read more

WordPress, Why did it take me so long?



I have been hearing about how great a blogging tool WordPress is. For some reason, it took me a while to see what all the hype is about. I am going to chalk it up to the fact that I already had a gmail account, and blogger was a free service with that account.

So now I have dug in a little bit to WordPress. Bottom line, it is worth all the hype. Implementing a WordPress blog is a straight forward process. The famous 5-minute installation is right here. I use Crystal Tech as my web host, and I highly recommend them. Read more

TweetDeck. How tweet it is.

Everyone talks about Twitter. I am getting on board. What is it? What do you do with it? There are tons of resources to dig into for answers to these questions. I found that TwiTip by @problogger has a bunch of great advice. (@ denotes a user’s name or handle on Twitter). Here is a link to one of the articles I started with called “13 twitter tips and tutorials for beginners.”

Once you start using Twitter and “Following” people, I highly recommend downloading and installing a free desktop application called TweetDeck. It allows you to organize the information overload that will start coming at you. Read more

Social Experiment Commences



 So I have decided to start my own business. I plan on using my Blog to document the process. So many acquaintences have shown an interest in what I am doing and how I am going about doing it. They want to partner with me, work for me, sell to me, laugh at me, cheer me on, etc. I thought it might be interesting for everyone to hear my progress as things develop. This blog will be where I document the details, and then mini-updates will be sent using to hit my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and GTalk status ongoing.

So here is the progress so far.
– Figured out a name. Then bought the domain. Can’t tell anyone yet because I don’t have my LLC or S-Corp set up with the state yet. No poachers!
– High level concept will be consulting with a Sales and Operational focus. You gotta sell it… then deliver it. That has always been, and will continue to be my motto. I will use my sales expertise (doubled revenue for the last company I shared ownership in within 18 months) and my technical expertise (operational efficiency through the judicious use of technology) to help businesses sell faster and deliver better than ever before.
– I have communications set up temporarily with my domain, hosted exchange and iPhone all talking nicely. See one of my previous Blog posts for more details on that. Read more

The Power of



In the past 6 weeks I have given quite a few seminars to business owners and their salesforces. We cover how to effectively leverage LinkedIn for sales, prospecting and strengthening existing relationships. The feedback has been tremendous. I am helping people be more effective with the networks they already have in place. It also helps me personally in that I have stronger relationships with my clients because I am helping them grow their business.

There are quite a few tips that I have used, and here are a couple for you to think about: Read more