10 Reasons Why Your Business Should NOT Be On LinkedIn

Nearly every business owner out there is trying to figure out social media and whether their business should do it, how to do it, when to do it, who to do it with, how many people in the company should do it, what department it falls under, what the ROI is, why they shouldn’t do it, why they don’t have time to do it, why they don’t have the resources to do it, and on…and on….and on.

This is a topic that we could talk about for hours on end (and many businesses continue to do just that vs. just getting started), so to keep it simple, I’m going to focus right now on the….

10 Reasons Your Business Should NOT Be On LinkedIn  Read more

Do You Want LinkedIn To Work For You? Here’s How.

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you haven’t been to in awhile?

Do you have a friend that you’ve been meaning to get together with, but you just haven’t made the time?

Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you’ve been dying to get back to, but keep coming up with reasons why you can’t go?

Of course you do. We all have things that we wish we did more of, or that we know we should be doing, but we just don’t make the commitment to do them. We procrastinate. We come up with excuses. We let the thought enter our brains for a few fleeting seconds and then never follow up.

Well, when it comes to LinkedIn, we’re here to help you stop procrastinating and go from “I have an account on LinkedIn, but I don’t use it” to “My profile looks great. I connect with people every week. And I’m starting to get more business from using LinkedIn!”  Read more

Lessons From Las Vegas: Are You Happy With Your LinkedIn Profile?

I am Mic. I Teach LinkedIn. I Come In Peace.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have been selected as one of the speakers at the Professional Convention Management Association’s (PCMA) Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV (Stay tuned…future blog posts will highlight some of my key takeaways from the experience).

This annual event is a gathering of a fabulous group of people and personalities in an industry that is critical to the economies of cities all across the the U.S. and beyond. Meeting planners, event planners, audio visual companies, hotel representatives, and a wide variety of vendors made up the collection of some 3,500 people in attendance.  Read more

How To Use The Advanced People Search on LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn has an easy way for you to fine tune your search results, whether you are looking for a specific person, specific company, or just a list of people with a certain title?

It’s LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search and it should absolutely, positively be your default method of searching for anything on LinkedIn.

Using this feature is easy, but not quite as intuitive as it could be as it’s “hidden” on most LinkedIn pages. But we’re here to help! To get on your way to becoming a LinkedIn Search Expert, follow these simple steps!  Read more

LinkedIn Status Updates : Stay Top of Mind

LinkedIn continues to grow like crazy (80 million plus and growing at 1 user per second, press.linkedin.com).  We see more and more people doing relationship management with their LinkedIn profiles.  This is one of the core things that we train our clients how to do and it can have a dramatic impact on your sales efforts.  We have also seen a rise in the average number of connections people have in their LinkedIn account.  A year ago, it used to be around 40 connections and today we regularly see between 80 and 100 connections.

Generally, people do business with you because they like you.  Why do people like you?  Is it because you are funny?  Maybe because you are at every single chamber event.  Are you super smart?  Helpful to a fault?  Enjoy the same hobbies or sport teams?  Whatever it is, they like you and you should do whatever you can to stay top of mind with them.  They are going to be your next source for a referral or your next customer.  Read more

Your LinkedIn Profile Is Done. Now What?


As Jason and I spend time coaching clients and prospects on LinkedIn, the first thing we do is educate them on the steps involved in creating a complete profile.

We often refer to this (and all social media infrastructure setup) as “the plumbing” because it’s a necessary step before you can effectively use any social media tool.

So once your LinkedIn profile is complete, what are some of the things you should do next?

Here are  7 LinkedIn Quick Tips to get you headed in the right direction…

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Personalize Your LinkedIn Invitations!




How many of you have ever sent or received a LinkedIn invitation that says “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”?

What did you think about it?

We can tell you what we think about it….DON’T DO IT!

We tend to cringe any time we see the standard default message pop up in our LinkedIn inboxes from someone that wants to connect. In fact, we often joke that the default message might as well be: “Hello. I’m lazy. This invitation isn’t important enough for me to spend the 15-20 seconds it would take to write a personal message telling you who I am, how we know each other, and why I want to connect.”

That said, we understand that there are a lot of people that are new to LinkedIn and are learning the “do’s and dont’s” around using the tool. As we work with clients throughout Kansas City, we’re making sure that people personalize their invitations and stop using the standard default invitation.

Think about it in conversational terms. When you meet someone in person or are talking on the phone, do you use stuffy, boring, impersonal language like “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn?”

Of course you don’t! (At least we hope you don’t!)

So, going forward, when sending LinkedIn invitations, do yourself, the Blue Gurus, and the recipient of your invitation a favor: PERSONALIZE IT!

We would love to hear your horror stories, so feel free to comment!

Recommendations on LinkedIn



There is often confusion around how to give/receive recommendations on LinkedIn.  Let me start off by saying that recommendations are an important part of your LinkedIn profile.  They establish trust and respect among peers when done properly.  Bottom line is that if I know 4 or 5 of the people that have recommended you, and I respect those people, some of that respect will immediately spill over into our relationship.  (I believe that LinkedIn profiles and Recommendations will take the place of the traditional resume and 3 references available on request. )

So what is the best way to get recommendations?  Recommend one of your contacts first.  Read more

The Power of LinkedIn.com



In the past 6 weeks I have given quite a few seminars to business owners and their salesforces. We cover how to effectively leverage LinkedIn for sales, prospecting and strengthening existing relationships. The feedback has been tremendous. I am helping people be more effective with the networks they already have in place. It also helps me personally in that I have stronger relationships with my clients because I am helping them grow their business.

There are quite a few tips that I have used, and here are a couple for you to think about: Read more