Entries by Jason Terry

Logo created

The logo is complete! We hired Infusion Creative to create the logo. It is interesting how much work goes in to creating a business logo, but when you plan on printing, placing and posting it all over the world, you have to get it RIGHT! :) Next step is to get the web site up […]

CPA : Vande Brake & Baker, LLC

 I have chosen Mike Vande Brake to be my CPA. Mike and I met at Church of the Resurrection many years ago in a Crown Financial Bible Study. Since then, we are involved in the same ACA group and run into each other often. He also got a strong recommendation from my good friend Shawn […]

Bank : Commerce

 The banking relationship is decided! I have chosen to bank with Commerce Bank. Many factors contributed to this decision, but again, it came down to people. I have known Keith Asel for a while now and respect him. I also met Rebecca Gubbels about 3 times one week because we were going to the same […]

Attorney : Gilliford Law Firm

I have selected Gilliford Law Firm to set up my new entity. I have worked with John Gilliford in the past and have always been impressed. He is up front, to the point and reasonable. He knows all the little details that I would never think to ask and he is really helping me get […]

Social Experiment Commences

 So I have decided to start my own business. I plan on using my Blog to document the process. So many acquaintences have shown an interest in what I am doing and how I am going about doing it. They want to partner with me, work for me, sell to me, laugh at me, cheer […]

What to do about Blu-ray?

If you haven’t been in a Costco, Sam’s or Best Buy recently, you might have missed the newest in home entertainment… high definition video in a format called Blu-ray. There was a big contest between the Blu-ray format and HD DVD format and Blu-ray won. Thank goodness! Now the manufacturers can standardize on the Blu-ray […]